Our Team


The founder of Dakshin Coal, is an astute professional, who always believes in creating something new and so doing justice to what he says, molded himself and applied his expertise into energy sector.
Starting with a scratch he nursed and nurtured Dakshin Coal to bring it to a global level. A Company Secretary by profession, holds over 20 years of experience in varied fields including textile, steel and coal. His expertise extends to other fields like advising on business development and strategic planning, dry bulk carrier acquisition, legal and corporate advisory and mine acquisition process. He coined the idea of venturing into coal when everyone believed that “COAL“ is no more an adventure.
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She has an experience of over 12 years in different fields and her expertise extends to various areas viz. contract management, complex drafting, corporate and legal advisory and coal trading. A Company Secretary by profession she ventured into the most dynamic field of coal trading and plays a vital role in nurturing the growth of the entity.
Her eminent inter-personal and communication skills has always been beneficial in concluding the entity’s business activities to their best.
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