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                   WHAT OUR NAME SUGGESTS

The word “Dakshin” is mentioned in numerous Epics of Hindu mythology with different meanings. The intended meaning denotes Dakshin as “able, dexterous or clever”. Its reference is also made to symbolize powerful Lord Shiva as skillful and adroit handler of Maya and so is Lord Vishnu known by this name to symbolize his efficiency and pervasiveness.
Getting inspired by the meaning of word Dakshin, we established in the year 2011, with intent to serve various entities by synergizing the seamless knowledge of the team members, in such a way that the clients are provided with a one stop solution under same umbrella.
We offer complete solution for developing a company’s business involving operational assistance for marketing, formation of customer service and evolution of prospective customers, in the energy sector, with main focus on “Coal”.
We at Dakshin Coal are always inclined to serve the interest of its clients dexterously.